Jaune d’Eau

Pleased to meet you

Designer and artistic director, I’m based in Barcelona, at the intersection of digital and print (you can’t go wrong 😃). Because the success of your project depends on it, I give the best of myself in everything I do for my clients. Ready to join a redesign project on short notice or to initiate a project from scratch, I pay relentless attention to detail in order to deliver quality products and services.

My stuff

Visual identities (logos, graphic charters, retouching or redesigning of logos), printed documents (brochures, leaflets, brochures, books, magazines, business cards, etc.), posters, websites, applications for mobile and tablet, shop design for events, packaging, interactive kiosks, video editing, emailings and newsletters and many other projects.

My toolkit

Classic, the Adobe suite with Photoshop for enhancing images and pushing pixels, Illustrator for logos creation and InDesign for designing brochures and magazines, After Effects for video. On the other hand, the design of digital projects led me to opt for more suitable software: Sketch App and Figma, for the design and prototyping of interfaces in collaborative mode, Hype for motion design and organization companions such as Notion, Trello, Slack.

To learn more, you can drop me a few lines.

You can have a glance on my works /

My portfolio

My professional experience

Company Services Year
Musée du Louvre, Paris Emailing Design, Responsive web ads, Video Since 2013
CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL, Paris Digital AD, UI/UX, Graphic Design Since 2009
40 air, Paris Visual identity, Digital AD, UI/UX, Graphic Design Since 2016
Alpes Premium Visual identity, Digital AD, UI/UX Design 2021 March - May
Diagnostic Communication, Paris Visual identity, Digital AD, UI/UX, Graphic Design 2019 May - Jul. + 2013 Spring
Tirezias, Paris Visual identity, Digital AD, UI/UX, Graphic Design 2019 March - May
Institut de Ciènces del Mar, Barcelona Photo, Social Networks Since 2019
BarcelonaWink, Barcelona Visual identity, Digital AD, UI/UX, Graphic Design Since 2016
Pop & Kop, Paris Digital AD, UX/UI Design 2018 Mar. - May
Compagnie de Phalsbourg, Paris Digital AD, UX/UI Design 2017 Apr. - July
Double You, Singapore Digital AD, UI Design 2016 March — April
Kiwi Inc., Palo Alto UI Design 2015 Oct. — 2016 Feb.
State Street Bank & Trust / Verve Media, New York UX/UI Design 2015 June — Nov.
Paris Musées, Paris Emailing design 2015
Crédit Suisse / Verve Media, New York UI Design 2014 Mar. — Dec.
Musée d’Orsay, Paris Emailing design 2013 Jan. — 2017 Mar.
Penny Lane, Paris UI Design 2008 Nov. — Dec.
Fondation Lilan Thuram, Paris UI Design 2008 Sep. — Dec.
Little Fashion Gallery, Paris Photo retouching 2008
Innocent Drinks, Paris Graphic Design 2006
Idalgo, Paris Visual identity, Digital AD, UI/UX, Graphic Design 2006 — 2008
Les Cahiers du Football, Paris Visual identity, Graphic Design 2003 — 2007
Allociné, Paris UI Design 2004 Oct. — 2005 Jul.
CANAL+, Paris Digital AD, UX/UI Design 1999 Sep. — 2004 Apr.
Publicis, Lille Graphic Design 1995 — 1997

And many more such as:
Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Musée du Quai Branly, Banque Française Mutualiste, SOL’S, Emile Interactive, Mairie de Clichy-la-Garenne…