Jaune d’Eau

Les Cahiers du Football

Visual identity, Art Direction, Magazine design

Football and fresh water magazine, the Cahiers du Foot was born in 1997, carried by passionate friends of the round ball determined to bring their critical and acerbic look. First on the internet then in its first paper format in 2003, on which I had created their visual identity and designed their monthly magazine.

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The complete design of a magazine

This unique experience happened in my Parisian studio because a cellar in Paris is not easy to find.

The crazy challenge: how to hold a slew of river articles written by authors (talented, admittedly) determined to get their papers in without changing a comma on the shoehorn if necessary, in a 24-page newspaper format with a few photos all the same, as well as drawn strips and some ironic tactical diagrams?

Luckily for me, no ad page. Ah yes, on the back cover.