Jaune d'Eau

Multifaceted graphic designer

Crafting digital experiences giving your projects optimal chances to succeed, building a strong identity as well as solid and effective communication.

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DIGITAL DESIGN // Mobile and web apps, websites, effective emailings & newsletters, readable on any device.

GRAPHIC DESIGN // Documents print layouts: as brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, business cards and other stationery.

BRANDING // Genuine or enhanced visual identity, after case study for a special creation that tells your own story.

Actually, Jaune d'Eau is…

Basically, I'm a graphic designer. And by extension, I'm a digital art director. I pay relentless attention to details, whether it is a from scratch project or a redesign.

If I still use Adobe softwares to enhance pictures and design print layouts, the design of digital projects has led me to opt for alternative and more suitable softwares. So I moved towards Sketch App, thought to boost development, Hype 3 for animation design, Figma for prototyping and organization companions such as Trello, Slack, etc.

Ready to serve and catch the train of your project, solve problems and boost my creativity. To learn more, you can drop me a few lines. You simply risk receiving much love, singing birds and then spread peace all over the world.

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My career / experience

Company Specialization Year
Musée du Louvre, Paris Motion + Graphic Designer (Emailing) Since 2013
CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX + Graphic Designer Since 2009
40 air, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX + Graphic Designer Since 2016
Diagnostic Communication, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX + Graphic Designer 2019 May - Jul. + 2013 Spring
Tirezias, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX + Graphic Designer 2019 March - May
BarcelonaWink, Barcelona Digital AD + UI/UX + Graphic Designer Since 2016
Pop & Kop, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX Designer 2018 Mar. - May
Compagnie de Phalsbourg, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX Designer 2017 Apr. - July
Double You, Singapore Digital AD + UI Designer 2016 March — April
Kiwi Inc., Palo Alto UI Designer 2015 Oct. — 2016 Feb.
State Street Bank & Trust / Verve Media, New York UI/UX design 2015 June — Nov.
Paris Musées, Paris UI/UX design 2015
Crédit Suisse / Verve Media, New York UI design 2014 Mar. — Dec.
Musée d'Orsay, Paris UI design 2013 Jan. — 2017 Mar.
Penny Lane, Paris UI design 2008 Nov. — Dec.
Fondation Lilan Thuram, Paris UI design 2008 Sep. — Dec.
Little Fashion Gallery, Paris Photo retouching 2008
Innocent Drinks, Paris Graphic Designer 2006
Idalgo, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX + Graphic Designer 2006 — 2008
Les Cahiers du Football, Paris Graphic Designer 2003 — 2007
Allociné, Paris UI Designer 2004 Oct. — 2005 Jul.
CANAL+, Paris Digital AD + UI/UX Designer 1999 Sep. — 2004 Apr.

And many more such as: Publicis Hourra !, Musée du Quai Branly, SOL'S, Emile Interactive, Mairie de Clichy-la-Garenne…